3rd Party Libraries

Xyce requires several third-party libraries when compiling from source. Most libraries that Xyce depends on are available through system package managers. Mac users can use the MacPorts or Fink package management systems. Windows users can use Cygwin, and its package management system. See the Xyce Building Guide for more details. The libraries are also available in source form, which you can compile yourself. For convenience, links to the necessary libraries are made available here.

Highly efficient versions of BLAS and LAPACK are provided by ATLAS. Many operating systems have optimized versions of ATLAS available through their package management systems. On Macs, optimized versions are supplied with Xcode as part of its Accelerate framework.


These are both part of the SuiteSparse package, which is available in many package management systems.

This suite of packages, developed at Sandia, is not available in any package managers and must be compiled from source. Guidelines for building it for Xyce are in the Xyce Building Guide.

These are used by the chemical reaction parser, and are required when building Xyce. They are available in many package management systems. Compilation requires a bison version from 2.3 to 3.0.

This is required for compiling Xyce, and is used in certain analysis types. It is available in many package management systems.

This is required only when compiling the parallel version of Xyce (it is not required when running only the serial version). While it is available in some package management systems, on many systems it must be built from source.