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The preferred way to contact the team for general questions about building and using Xyce is to use the Google web forum linked to in the sidebar. By using the public forum, we can answer your question and the answer will be available for the benefit of other readers of the forum. Alternatively, you can contact at our email address, also listed in the sidebar.

The form below may also be used to send a brief message to the Xyce email address. Be aware that this form may reformat your email message, so if your message is complex or includes carefully formatted text, we may not be able to read it as clearly as you intended. Such messages should be sent to the email address in the sidebar.

The Xyce team is not able to provide any telephone support.

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Note: The Xyce team does not have resources to provide telephone support.  Please contact us only by using the methods described above.  Phone numbers found in the links below are generic Sandia National Laboratories telephone numbers, and are not associated with the Xyce team.