Release 6.11.1 is a patch release that fixes a small number of bugs in Xyce Release 6.11.0. This file describes the changes made between Xyce 6.11.0 and 6.11.1.

  • A bug in the handling of binning (Reference Guide section when applied to the BSIM6, PSP102, or MVSG-HV FET models was fixed, and this technique now works correctly for those models.
  • The C and Q instance parameters are allowed to be solution-dependent for the C-device. In Xyce 6.11, or earlier, an attempt to use an expression (that did not depend on solution variables such as nodal voltages) in the definition of other parameters, such as TEMP, for the C device would cause a parsing error. This is fixed now.
  • The -hspice-ext command line option would fail on .FUNC statements that contained logical OR or logical AND operators. Examples were as follows, where P1 and P2 were previously defined on .PARAM lines:

    .FUNC ANDFUNC(p1,p2) {(P1&&P2) ? 1.0 : 2.0}
    .FUNC ORFUNC(p1,p2) {(P1||P2) ? 1.0 : 2.0}

    This is fixed now.